A message from the Dutchess County Veterans Service Office:

Director ​Nelson Eddy Rivera

 US Navy,Retired

"Our veterans answered the call of duty and served our country when it needed them, now we are here for them and their family.  The United States Department of Veterans Affairs accredits our County Veterans Service Officers, and as such we are authorized to present claims for further development, institute appeals of VA decisions and follow through to final disposition with representatives at the New York Regional Office and VA’s Washington Headquarters.  As an accredited representative, we offer personalized service not available from other agencies.  Each case is based on its merits and we carefully screen applicants before filing for benefits.  Our veterans have earned benefits by their Honorable Service to our country.  So we ask every veteran and/or family member to come and visit us. We are here to serve him or her, as they have already served our country."

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Hudson Valley VA health care system has received some of the best ratings in service in the Northeast. Over the past few years, members of The Alliance have made strong connections with VA personal. We are committed to fostering a working relationship with the VA to ensure no Veteran goes without the proper care.

This page provides links and direct contacts to VA outreach representatives and case managers. 

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