I understand that membership in the HVVA is contingent upon HVVA Board of Directors approval. In submitting this application, I acknowledge the HVVA is under no obligation to accept me for membership. If membership is not accepted, the $25.00 membership fee will be refunded in full. 


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Full Membership: Individuals & their family members who are currently serving or have been discharged* from the Armed Forces of the USA 

Associate Membership: Civilian allies who have not served in the Armed Forces of the USA, but have an interest in supporting the HVVA and/local Veterans**

Dues: $25 annually

At the time of election, a new member is assessed the annual dues payment. After June 30, dues for a new member is assessed at one half the full rate. All dues and fees are payable up to 60 days after the election.

* Military members must provide documentation of service. DD214 (Please black out your SSN) indicating honorable or general discharge. All other documentation of service will be reviewed by the membership commitiee on  per case basis. 

** Associate Members may attend all HVVA events however, they will not have HVVA Executive Board voting privileges and may not hold an Executive Board Office Within the HVVA unless specifically identified as open to Associate Members.

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